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Free! OctaPageTM Calendars

".. when all you need is a place for notes and dates."
".. when anything else is just a bit too big."

No staples - no binding - it's like magic!
Eight pages on a sheet.
Pages are 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall.
Fold. One cut. Re-fold.

Print the OctaPage Guide
with easy-to-follow instructions
OctaPage Guide

Print My Daily Prayers
My Daily Prayers

Print Bicycle Safety and Laws
Bicycle Safety and Laws

Print Your OctaPage Calendars
Week Calendar
Month Calendar
Month Calendar (even pages inverted)
Year Calendar
Year Calendar (even pages inverted)

Tested and works with Mozilla Firefox 3.5


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 mostly works, needs ActiveX.

Use this Page Setup:
Portrait orientation,
Shrink-to-Fit, and
margins at
0.4"(10mm) Left & Right and
0.3"(7mm) Top & Bottom.
Headers and footers are optional.


Print the page. Trim excess paper, if desired.

Fold between all the lines.
Then cut between pages 1&6 and 2&5.

Re-fold between the lines between pages 6&7 and 1&8 so pages 6&7 and 1&8 face each other.

Re-fold between the lines between pages 4&5 and 2&3 so pages 4&5 and 2&3 face each other.

Lay sheet on table with page 1 at bottom.
Fold pages 1&2 to right, pages 5&6 to left.

Fold farthest pages under.
Fold left pages under.

Crease all folds.

Copyleft Copyright 2009 John G. Derrickson
OctaPage is a trademark of John G. Derrickson



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