PsyPlanTM Publishing System
Version 3.041

The popular PsyPlan open-source astrology horoscope publisher.
This is the third edition of the popular PsyPlan Professional Publishing System renamed as the PsyPlan Publishing System (PPS) and open-sourced, available as an online service (ZodiacEventsTM) at The second edition (at version 2.11) has been available for over a decade. It was designed before the Internet and runs in the MS-DOS operating system. This new version runs in any operating system, as an Internet or intranet service. It's written in the PHP programming language and uses HTML, JavaScript and AJAX. It supports all the features of the previous edition, and then some. Printing is accomplished through the browser and so is virtually universal. PPS is available from the PsyPlan project and Psychic Planner Inc. PPS requires Apache/PHP (or equivalent), easy to install with XAMPP: Please post your changes, distributions, problems and comments on the forum at the PsyPlan project. As open-source software, PPS is a community effort. PPS is based on the popular PsyPlan Personal Planner that's been around since 1988, sold as printed booklets and as the PsyPlan Professional Publishing System. Printed and bound PsyPlans are still available from Psychic Planner Inc. and independent astrologers.
  • Variety of reports, ephemeris, transits, charts, planners
  • Includes succinct implication database (astrology readings)
  • Database editor, write your own, share or keep private
  • Holidays editor, write your own, share or keep private
  • Operating system independent, PC, MAC, Linux, whatever
  • Print reports and planner booklets from the browser
  • Includes the ZodiacJaDyTM TrueType font of astrology glyphs
  • Open-source software, a community effort
  • Add more aspects and planets, etc.
  • Customize orbs by aspect and planet
  • Add databases for natal and mundane readings
  • Design new reports, share or keep private
  • Design new glyphs, astrological symbols
  • Translate programs from PHP to another language
PsyPlan Publishing System — Copyleft Copyright 2007 Psychic Planner Inc. (
Internet deployment requires changes and additions be open source.
PsyPlan, the PPI Rune () and ZodiacEvents are trademarks of Psychic Planner Inc.
ZodiacJaDy and ZODIACJD are trademarks of John G. Derrickson