PsyPlanTM Publishing System

PsyPlan Publishing System (PPS) Version 3.041

PPS is available at the PsyPlan project 
( Please post changes, 
distributions, problems and comments on the forum there.

PsyPlan Publishing System (PPS) is open-source, available as an 
online service (ZodiacEventsTM) at and the 
beta version at PPS runs in any 
operating system, as an Internet or intranet service, written in 
the PHP programming language, HTML, JavaScript and AJAX. 
Printing is done with the browser and so is universal. 

These files are included in /doc/install.php:
readme.txt (this file, general overview)
install.txt (installation instructions)
language.txt (language localization)
changes.txt (software modifications)

Install XAMPP or Apache/PHP equivilent. 
UnZIP the file (use folder names option). 
If using XAMPP, unZIP the file (use folder names option) 
(or, if you've already done that, move it) to the "xampp/htdocs" 
directory ("C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\PsyPlan"). 
The files and folders structure is here (files.htm).

Change to your liking the _codeword password definition in 
_language/ (e.g. in: en/

Code for ad banners and membership accounting is in:,,, index.php
To turn on the display of ads, etc., change _ShowAds to TRUE in 
_language/ (e.g. in: en/

Copy ZODIACJD.ttf (ZodiacJaDyTM TrueType font) to your fonts directory
("C:\WINDOWS\FONTS" | "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts" | "/root/.fonts").
The non-TreuType font files are: ZODIACJD.afm and ZODIACJD.t1a
If using XAMPP, startup XAMPP from the icon on your desktop. 
Or, run the xampp-control program 
("C:\Program Files\xampp\xampp-control.exe"). 
Click the Start button next to Apache. 
This will start Apache with PHP. 
(MySql, FileZilla, Mercury, not needed.) 
To run under XAMPP, prefix paths with ""http://localhost/"
e.g. main entry: http://localhost/PsyPlan/index.php
(where /PsyPlan/ is what you named your folder).

Note: Some files and folders have been moved or 
added but the file formats have remained the same. 
See changes.txt for additional notes.
Entry pages:
PPS release: /doc/index.htm
PPS install: /doc/install.php
Main entry: index.php
Auditor: en/audit.php?codeword=abc
Cities: en/cities.php?codeword=abc

The PHP module specifies the _language constant 
used in PHP statements for language localization. 
This module will automatically select the appropriate language 
first using a cookie, then if no cookie, using the language 
from the browser, and set a cookie for future reference. 
User-selectable flags can be provided for language selection.
Currently, only English is provided. 

Implementation of another language involves:
Build a new sub-folder with an appropriate name and copy 
all files and sub-folders to it from the "en" sub-folder. 
Modify the PHP module as needed, especially 
the statement for DEFAULT LANGUAGE (on line 11). 
Translate appropriate files in the new sub-folder. 
Translate the cities, holidays and SID files, 
using the programs provided: _language/cities.php, 
FormEditHOLIDAYS.php and FormEditSID.php respectively.

The index.php PHP module displays available (and not yet available) 
languages for selection by user in the event the automatic language 
selection is not appropriate or satisfactory or if the user simply 
desires to view other language editions. 

Recommended sub-folder names for the languages (language.htm).

Version 3.041  2008 0621 1258

Just a bunch of bug fixes.

Version 3.04  2007 1019 2222

Note: This is a Beta version because the changes are so extensive 
and there may be problems. I'm very interested in seeing comments. 
Hopefully, version 3.4 will be released soon. See version.htm. Some 
files/folders have been moved/added but file formats are the same. 

Implemented local language features with sub-folders (e.g. /en/) for 
each language, cities/holidays/sid/help files and modules 
in that sub-folder, module for selecting language, 
and PHP constant references in each PHP program. See language.txt.

Fixed a moon-phase bug that showed only new moon on planner pages. 
Fixed a bug in the SID editor. 
Added the Holidays list editor. 
Added the auditor program. 
Added program to build/merge the cities file. 
Added ad-banner facilities. 

Added the .htaccess security permissions file to deny access to 
bak, inc, log and txt files from all but the PHP programs. 
This is geared to Apache on Linux and may need modification 
for other systems and changes to the PHP ini file. 

Added code to take special note of the PHP language version in 
relation to the cookie and server predefined PHP variables. 

Older changes are documented here (changes.htm).
PsyPlan Publishing System — Copyleft Copyright 2007 Psychic Planner Inc. (
Internet deployment requires changes and additions be open source.
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ZodiacJaDy and ZODIACJD are trademarks of John G. Derrickson