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chat-like system

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( A Zeta Version )

WeQuest is an open-source simple tiny chat-like system that provides live customer support directly from your website, so you can give one-on-one help in real-time, adding the human touch to your website. WeQuest is written in the PHP programming language and uses AJAX. WeQuest uses plain flat files with no need for database services like MySQL, etc.

(WeQuest — we quest — wee quest — request)

  • Real-time Chats
    • wouldn't be chat if not real-time
  • Multiple Chat Requests
    • operator can chat with several clients
  • Notify When Party Responds
    • operator/client get visual/sound signals
  • Leave Message If Not Live
    • allow email if operator not available
  • Canned Responses On Operator Console
    • provide facilities for canned responses
  • Capture Visitor Data And Refer URL
    • client browser and web page viewed
  • Configuration Options
    • colors, table sizes, refresh rate, etc.

  • Get right-click here (use Save Target As)
  • Get WeQuest.md5: right-click here (use Save Target As) and verify.
  • Make a folder at your web site (name it WeQuest).
  • Extract files from to that folder.
  • Make a sub-folder at your web site (name it secure) and secure it.
  • Move setup.php to the secure folder.
  • Run setup.php from a browser and customize.
  • Edit canned.txt with your common responses.
    Put a blank line between each response.
  • Run WeQuest.htm to confirm installation.
  • Look at WeQuest.htm for ideas on implementing on your web pages.
  • More right-click here (use Save Target As).

Screen shots:

Operator Console:

click image for full size view

Customer Console:

click image for full size view

Setup Console:

click image for full size view

  • Note: Depending on your server, allow write access to these files:
  • While using setup:
    WeQuest.php WeQuestS.php WeQuestI.php setup.php
  • Permanently:
    clients.txt log.txt and the clients folder
  • and you may need to make a sub-folder (name it clients).


Files in the archive file:
  • programs
    WeQuest.htm WeQuest.php WeQuestI.php WeQuestS.php setup.htm
  • images
    away.gif CatMouse.gif offline.gif online.gif
  • flags
  • sounds
    cellular.wav doorbell.wav receive.wav ringin.wav sparkle.wav
  • text
    canned.txt clients.txt index.body.htm log.txt
Files in the archive file:
  • sounds
    button.wav buttondroop.wav buttonzip.wav cartoonphone.wav cellphone.wav dialtone.wav doorbell1.wav doorbell2.wav doorbell3.wav offhook.wav phonebz.wav phonering.wav pop.wav ring.wav ringph.wav splat.wav waterdrip.wav

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