Classic PsyPlanTM Planners - Quick Guide
Front Page
    At the top, the title, Weekly, Monthly, Lunar. And, your name. Then, your biorhythm chart for the period. For the Weekly Planner, the chart covers a week before and after. Then calendars for current, previous and next months. Below the calendars is a list of planet starting positions in the zodiac and positions in your natal houses. And, natal and usage information.
    Finally, the PsyPlan composite rune (~) consisting of the runes Mannaz (x), Inguz (^) and Algiz (y). Mannaz is the rune for the self. Mannaz signifies an attempt to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Mannaz is comprised of the rune Wunjo (w) and its mirror image. Wunjo signifies a renewed clarity and emotional understanding. Inguz is the rune for fertility and symbolizes protection through self-knowledge. Algiz is the rune for protection and deals with the control of emotions. The composite rune is also an arrangement of reflecting P's with an i between, depicting the initials PPi of Psychic Planner Inc.
Daily Hour Grid, left-side page
    Top left corner shows the time zone. The heading shows the day, date and week number. Then the day number of the year and number of days left. Finally, biorhythm indicators for the day.
    The left column shows the hours of the day. At the top is an up-arrow and the space to the right shows separating transits, those that are history, general transits for everyone on the left and personal transits on the right. Also, on the right, planets entering your natal house. At the bottom of the left column is a down-arrow and the space to the right shows applying transits, those that are soon to be exact, general on the left and personal on the right.
    The space to the right of each hour shows transits for that hour, with the minute of the hour. Transits on the left are general transits for everyone, and personal transits are on the right. And, moon phases, new moon, waxing, full moon and waning. The last moon transit before moon enters next sign is marked with a v/c symbol indicating moon void-of-course.
Succinct Implications, right-side page
    This page describes the transits. First are descriptions of personal transits exact for the day. Then those applying, soon to be exact. Then those separating, transits that are history.
    After personal transits, planets entering a new sign, with keywords, and moon phases, with description. Then general transits are shown with keywords. Finally, if the page is full (leaving space for your notes) is a list of transits continued on following pages. If space permits, continued transits are listed with descriptions for personal transits or keywords for general transits.
    To distinguish personal from general transits, tiny "T" and "N" codes are embedded between the glyphs. For example, RT/NN reads as "transiting Sun trine natal Neptune." And, RT/TN reads as "transiting Sun trine transiting Neptune."
Back Page
    The last page shows charts of the glyphs (astrological and biorhythm symbols) or continued transits remaining.

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