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Birth Chart and Astrology Readings

This page is obsolete after 2012.
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Combine Natal Charts

This page is obsolete after 2012.
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Name Resonance Numerology
Biorhythm Chart
Some interesting dates.
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New Free Transit Reports
Inner-Planets Transit Report - transits of the inner planets
Lunar Transit Report - transits of the moon
Outer-Planets Transit Report - transits of the outer planets
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See what PsyPlan can do for you.

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Free upgrade by email to version 2.11 is now available for PsyPlantm Professional Publishing System customers. This upgrade has enhancements to handle four digit year dates, general weather transits, all planets retrograde, solar eclipses, solstice and equinox, daily biorhythm indicators, and more cities and holidays.
Updated July 28, 1999.

NEW PsyPlan holidays.hol file up through 2010.
All suggestions, complaints, etc. are welcome.

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