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PsyPlanTM Keyword Guide
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Symbols and Keywords

    conjunction enhances (soft) or burdens (hard)
    sextile supports
    square strains
    trine favors
    opposition confronts

    sun power
    moon emotion
    Mercury expression
    Venus affection
    Mars action
    Jupiter expansion
    Saturn effort
    Uranus freedom
    Neptune impression
    Pluto change

    aries assertive
    taurus possessive
    gemini flexible
    cancer sensitive
    leo dramatic
    virgo helpful
    libra balanced
    scorpio ardent
    sagittarius friendly
    capricorn practical
    aquarius creative
    pisces intuitive

Positive and Negative

As with most things, the components of astrology prompt both positive and negative considerations. The following lists depict the assumptions that PPI has used in the interpretation of astrology. Each component begins with key phrases followed by positive (+) and negative () connotations.


strong attempt to blend different techniques or skills
      +      a new start, blending of skills, strong focus, automatic expression
           confused techniques, obsessive use, impulsiveness, refusal to reconcile

good ideas and social contacts, awareness of things and people
      +      insight, options, facility, reduced outside resistance, acceptance, cooperation
           limited challenges, inertia, things come too easily, taking things for granted

challenge weighing past techniques to present situations
      +      a chance to learn or master techniques, strong motivation to test situations, intense focus on what needs to be done
           conflict, confrontation, tension, compulsion, obstacles to goals

deep insight and enjoyment, harmony with use or situation
      +      ease of use, opportunities, fluidity, acceleration of contacts, luck, deep insight, great enjoyment with, ease of expression
           taking things for granted, inertia, abuse of resources or skills, sloppiness

balancing approaches with others, reconciling what is around you
      +      recognition of need to balance, acceptance of other approaches, willingness to share
           confrontation with others, denial of other's insights, ignorance or denial of other options


authorities, ego, men, heart, back, spine
      +      vitality, focus, life-goals, purpose
           egotism, arrogance, abused abilities

emotions, intuition, the past, women, the public, the ocean, stomach, breasts, lymphic system
      +      sympathy, nurturing, social assimilation
           moodiness, defensiveness, past defendant, manipulative

communication, youth, detail work, immediate contacts, near travel, siblings, servants, arms, hands, liver, nervous system, gall bladder, spleen
      +      logic, thought, perception, dexterity, versatility
           nervousness, verbosity, indecision, nitpicking

art, female sexuality, food and drink, partners, throat, neck, skin tone, kidneys, intestines, ears
      +      sociability, affection, sensuality, diplomacy, balance
           over-indulgence, sentimentality, stubbornness, rationalization, dependence

energy, competition, individualism, male sexuality, iron and steel, surgery, sexual and excratory organs, upper kidneys, head, face, muscles
      +      courage, will, desire, commitment, direction, determination, passion
           lust, perversion, over-competitiveness, impulsiveness

the law, travel, philosophy, religion, salesmanship, expansion, sports, in-laws, hips, thighs, liver, weight, education
      +      wisdom, optimism, speculation, opportunity, generosity, ambition, luck, expanded goals
           over-optimism, sloppiness, pomposity, extravagance, poor judgement, foot-in-mouth

structure, crystalization, stability, order, time, the finite, the past, older people, education, morals, teeth, bones, knees, science
      +      concentrations, patience, responsibility, thrift, discipline, diligence, prudence
           repression, restriction, pessimism, rigidity, past oriented, prejudiced

technology, the future, group awareness, electricity, complex systems, sudden events, freedom, group contacts, friends, science, ankles, calves, nerve impulses, accidents, large communications
      +      inventiveness, independence, farsightedness, perceptiveness, technically adept
           eccentricity, irresponsibility, rebellious, hyper-sensitive, dogmatic, impulsive

alcohol, drugs, strange environments, poisons, gases, the ocean, hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, secrets, the occult, charity, oil, plastics, art, music, film
      +      compassion, fantasy, identification, idealism, inspiration, selflessness, imagination, sensitive, faithful, glamour
           delusion, confusion, addiction, seduction, manipulation, vulnerable, sloppy, defuse, indecisive

ability to amass power, recycling, healing, redirection, group power, amassed energy, group resources, significant changes
      +      transcending, self-directed, focussed, probing, genuine, intense, powerful, independent, power-skilled
           abused power or abilities, obsessions, jealous, megalomania, sociopathic, alienated, cunning

self-image, first impressions, health, integration with body, immediate reactions
      +      immediate, comfort with body, attractive, vitality, good first impression
           discomfort with body, low vitality, poor coordination, poor first impression

point of culmination, career, status, authorities, the public arena, recognition
      +      ability to get along with authorities, recognition, defined goals, popularity, respect
           problems with authorities, stifled goals, lack of social skills, alienation, confused social image, career problems

Focus on planets, moon is a trigger.

The planets offer a more powerful indication of present personal trends. The moon is a trigger that sets off the planetary influences.

You'll feel square, opposition and conjunction more than trine and sextile. Squares, oppositions and hard conjunctions (conjunctions between incompatible planets) are tension laden, challenging influences. These influences indicate a need for action. Circumstances in life will force decisions under these influences.
      Conjunctions between incompatible planets are hard conjunctions:
  sun Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  moon Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto
  Mercury Mars, Saturn, Uranus
  Venus Saturn, Uranus
  Mars sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  Saturn sun, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  Uranus sun, moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn
  Neptune sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn
  Pluto sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus

Trines and sextiles and easy conjunctions are flowing aspects that do not force one to do anything. But these are times when you should pay attention closely. Trines and sextiles show you when you can make life go your way. If you take favorable action during a trine or a sextile influence, you will have less problems when squares, oppositions and hard conjunctions show up in your PsyPlan. You may not have much motivation to act during a trine or sextile period, but will usually be more effective if you do.
      Trines are easier then sextiles, but they are even less of a motivation. Sextiles represent opportunities to take advantage of. During trines, success may fall into your lap, but don't expect it.
      Conjunctions between compatible planets are easy conjunctions:
  sun sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter
  moon sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune
  Mercury sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto
  Venus sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto
  Mars moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter
  Saturn moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn
  Uranus Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  Neptune moon, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  Pluto moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

PsyPlantm Keyword Guide is free to use. Please enjoy.


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