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Comments from users about PsyPlan(tm)
Thank you very much for the report........
I tried to read it for a whole week at a time
but I know I must read it 2 / 3 days at one time.
thanks again

I ordered your PsyPlanner and have found it an excellent tool. It is well
written and easy to follow. It is very neatly done. And of importance to
me is the fact that the pages are flat.

in the news

Articles about PsyPlan(tm) that have appeared in magazines and newspapers.

PsyPlan mentioned in February 17, 1999 Media Mente Italian news web site at:
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PsyPlan mentioned in Nov.95 The Mountain Astrologer magazine p.46:

... If you've ever wanted to create your own appointment book, ... this program is definitely worth investigating. ...

The Mountain Astrologer on the World Wide Web

 Times Newspapers, Wednesday, April 26, 1989 

 A Division of PROMedia Publishing Company 
 8033 Frankford Avenue
 Philadelphia, PA 19136

Use the stars to get the most from your day 

             Staff Writer 
     Just as no two people are the same, no 
day is the same for two people. 
     The reason, believers in astrology 
contend, can be found in the stars.  The theory 
is that the planets guide our daily lives, that 
their position in the universe at the moment we 
are born dictates unique astral aspects that 
influence our lives, day after day, month after 
month, year after year. 
     Choosing our astrological sign may be 
beyond our control, but managing the days has 
fallen within our grasp. 
     Enter the psychic planner. 
     It's not a fortune teller, tarot-card 
reader or psychic.  But it does help you plan for 
your future, thanks to a little computerized 
     PsyPlan is touted as an astrological 
time-management tool in the guise of a daily 
appointment calendar.  What distinguishes it 
from your average appointment book, though, is 
that it includes hour-by-hour daily forecasts 
calculated by a person's date, time and place of 
     With a little astrological insight, a 
person can schedule an event or meeting 
according to his own lifecycle, which supposedly 
will increase personal performance and 
improve time management. 
     "The moon changes very quickly, and 
knowing that allows you to fine tune your 
actions by the hour and decide whether you 
think you should do a particular thing at a 
particular time," said Anthony Dickey, 
president of Psychic Planner Inc.  "One hour 
really can make a big difference." 
     Because forces in the universe aren't at 
work on just a 9-to-5 schedule, the daily pages 
of the calendar are divided into 24-hour 
     Astrological signs might share similar 
characteristics, but there isn't any similarity 
between the daily information in PsyPlan and 
the horoscopes published in newspapers, Dickey 
     The PsyPlan information is gleaned from 
an individual's natal chart. 
     "More or less what a natal chart does is 
tell you where you are in relation to everything 
else  -  your position on Earth in relationship to 
all the other planets," Dickey explained.  "To 
me, this is the way to do astrology . . . it's very 
specific, and it's not like the stuff you get in 
the newspapers, which is generic." 
     Dickey likes to think that PsyPlan 
enables a person to schedule time more 
     "For instance, a void-of-course moon 
means that the moon is out of touch with the 
other planets," Dickey explained.  "You don't 
want to have a meeting at those particular 
times, because your emotions are not going to 
be into it. 
     "By knowing when to present yourself at 
a good time, or by knowing when not to present 
yourself, it allows you to make more effective 
decisions in your life," he added. 
     Of course, PsyPlan isn't going to make 
the right decisions for you.  Dickey said it 
simply offers you some insightful guidelines 
based on the astrological forces. 
     "I'd say it's about eighty percent 
accurate," Dickey claimed. 

The PPI rune is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc.

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