PsyPlan Professional Publishing System in Windows® XP

Some users have problems running MS-DOS programs on Windows XP.
I may have found a way to run PsyPlan Professional Publishing System
on Windows XP. I hope you'll try this and tell me what you think.

• Make a folder named C:\PSYPLAN.
• Copy all installation files to the PSYPLAN folder.
• • The installation files are:
• • • LHA.EXE
• • • PPI21A.LZH
• • • PPI21B.LZH
• • • PPI21C.LZH
• • • PPI21D.LZH
• Run Compatibility Procedure with INSTALL.EXE for {program}.
Compatibility Procedure:
• • Open file manager (Windows Explorer) to the PSYPLAN folder.
• • Right click on the {program} file and select Properties.
• • Select the Compatibility tab (see picture below).
• • Select these three checkmarks:
  "Run this program in compatibility mode for: [Windows 95]"
  "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution"
  "Turn off advanced text services for this program"
• Run Compatibility Procedure with LHA.EXE for {program}.
• Run the installation (double-click on INSTALL.EXE).
• • Note: Reply "n" (NO) to this installation message:
  "Do you want to install PsyPlan in Microsoft Windows 3.1?"
• Installation is done when you see this message:
  "PsyPlan installation is completed."
• Run Compatibility Procedure with PSYPLAN.EXE for {program}.
• Run Compatibility Procedure with PSYPLAND.EXE for {program}.
• Run Compatibility Procedure with PSYPLANF.EXE for {program}.
• Run Compatibility Procedure with PSYPLANL.EXE for {program}.
• Run Compatibility Procedure with PSYPLANN.EXE for {program}.
• Now run PsyPlan (double-click on PSYPLAN.EXE).
• If all goes well, you can put shortcuts on your Windows desktop:
• • Right click on the PSYPLAN.EXE file and select Send To - Desktop.
• • Do the same with PSYPLAND.EXE if you use the database editor.

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PsyPlan is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc.
Copyright 2005 John G. Derrickson