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PsyPlan(tm) Viewer Help

PsyPlan(tm) Viewer version 1996.0629

For Viewing, Editing and Printing PsyPlan Planners

Free to Copy and Use

Copyright © 1996 Psychic Planner, Inc. -- All Rights Reserved
PsyPlan is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc.

PsyPlan Viewer is free to copy and use. Not for resale. Sample PsyPlan planners are available. Sample planners are on the internet at on the World Wide Web where you can also order custom planners prepared uniquely for you based on your birthday. If you want PsyPlan Viewer to do something new, speak up. Email to: or mail to: Psychic Planner, Inc., 236 W. Ridley Ave., Norwood, PA 19074-1510 USA.


Bulletin board operators and software distributors: PsyPlan(tm) Viewer may be distributed without further permission provided no charge is assessed for the software (disk copy, etc. fees are permitted) and the archive remains intact.

PsyPlan(tm) Viewer is a Windows program for viewing, editing and 
printing PsyPlan planner files prepared by the PsyPlan Professional 
Publishing System, a system of programs for preparing and printing 
personalized astrological appointment books for MS-DOS systems with HP 
compatible laser printers. PsyPlan Viewer makes it possible to print 
planners on graphic printers supported by Windows. Needs VBRUN300.DLL. 
Free to copy and use.

Files in archive named:  PPVFREE.EXE

   Viewer program:       PPVIEWER.EXE
   Astrology fonts:      ZODIAC.TTF,FON
   Sample planner:       SAMPLE.B07
   Archive utility:      LHA.EXE,LHA213.DOC
   VB support files:     COMMDLG.DLL,CMDIALOG.VBX
   Help documentation:   PPVIEWER.HLP

Archive named PPVFREE3.EXE with VBRUN300.DLL is also available.

PPVIEWER.EXE is written in Microsoft® Visual Basic™ version 3.0
PPVIEWER.HLP is designed with Visual Help version 2.1b
Microsoft, Windows and Visual Basic are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
Visual Help is a product of WinWare, Inc.
PsyPlan is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc.
Copyright © 1996  Psychic Planner, Inc.  --  All Rights Reserved

How To Use PsyPlan Viewer

These four function buttons control opening files, printing, viewing this help, and exiting.

Use the Open button to open a PsyPlan planner file.

You may open an ARC, LZH, ZIP or ZOO archive -- it will be expanded and you can open your desired file. Of course, you must have the appropriate utility installed on your system. PsyPlan Viewer automatically installs the LHA.EXE utility for LZH archives.

Once a file is open, you can use the month list-box to view other months and annual for the same person's planner files.

Once a file is displayed, it can be printed. Click on the Print button. PsyPlan Viewer has been tested with the ClickBook Print Utility for printing booklet and pocket planners. Printing without ClickBook produces letter-size pages.

If the Zodiac fonts do not print correctly, try setting Print TrueType as Graphics on the Print Setup Options dialog. This may be necessary if you are using a networked printer.

You can navigate the planner pages with the topical list-box
with the days list-box
with the page-back and page-next buttons

and with Alt+< and Alt+>.

Click on the magnifying glass to pop-up a floating window that shows a magnified view of wherever you point the cursor. Click again to make it go away.

Appointments can be entered on the left-side page. Move the screen cursor with mouse or arrow keys and the yellow box moves. Then click or press enter and a text-entry box is displayed for adding or editing your appointment or diary.

Notes can be entered in the text-entry box on the right-side page. Be aware that only lines that fit on the page will be saved. If you enter too many lines to fit on the page, you'll be given the opportunity to make changes.
Appointments and notes will be saved into your PsyPlan planner file on disk.

For the technically inclined: PsyPlan Viewer can automatically open your planner-file positioned to the current month and day. Simply modify the Program Item Properties Command Line with the addition of your planner-file name and the word "now." For example:

     C:\PSYPLAN\PPVIEWER.EXE johnd.w00 now

With the PsyPlan Professional Publishing System, you can jump directly to building a new planner file with the new button.

Use the Exit button to quit PsyPlan Viewer. The exit dialog box offers the opportunity to save changed planner-files to floppy disk. Pick Yes and a FileSave dialog is presented with a file name based on the current date. You can change the file name if you prefer, but keep the ".LZH" extension. All files changed during the current session will be compressed by LHA.EXE into an LZH archive.

Click the PsyPlan logo for version number and other information.

contents  greetings  free PsyPlan  easy to use  monthly  annual
buy planner  free viewer  software  buy software  news  others