January 19, 2001 John G. Derrickson
Computing Science Consultant
236 W. Ridley Ave. #1
Norwood, PA 19074-1510
610 583-3374
IBM Mainframe Systems Software, Job Scheduling, Report Distribution, Automatic Parameter Generation
Internet Web Site Management: Linux Operating System, Apache Server, MySQL Database, PHP Programming
By Appointment Only VIA USPS PHONE FAX EMAIL JGD@freeVEDA.org


I use JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic and Forth, and, when necessary, any other computer language. The cost to you, the client, ranges from free to expensive, depending upon your needs and resources, and my availability. My FontEdit program is used worldwide, offered free with opportunity to purchase the next version. My TextList program was written for the public domain. I've implemented and administered access security on mainframe computer systems. I've automated manual operations and converted systems to newer computing environments. I've designed, programmed, documented and implemented many applications including accounting, astrology, inventory, payroll, scheduling, statistics, etc.

Currently (January 19, 2001), I design, program, implement and maintain Internet software for www.adze.com and www.psyplan.com using PHP on the server-side and JavaScript on the client-side. I assist with webmaster duties at www.adze.com and am owner, publisher and webmaster at www.psyplan.com. I am developing a web-based application programming environment for the Forth programming language (www.freeVEDA.org). I am chairman of the board of Psychic Planner, Inc.

Although I'm not seeking full-time employment, I'll consider a position in education, management or consulting for an enterprise interested in implementing open-source solutions on the Internet. To assure genuine interest I require compensation to attend an interview and would accept a position based on contract, not employment. Furthermore, I'd be willing to appear no more frequently than several hours per week.

Employment/Education History
     11/99-present Retired
     5/84-11/99 Senior Technical Support Programmer, Southeastern Pa. Transportation Authority, Philadelphia, PA
     7/74-10/83 Senior Software Analyst, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
     2/73-3/74 Maintenance Programmer, Macmillan, Inc. Delran, NJ
     3/71-2/73 Programmer/Analyst, Business Data Center, Cherry Hill, NJ
     11/66-8/70 Programmer/Analyst, A. F. Parker (Jonesdata, Wengel Services and United Systems Inc.), Princeton, NJ
     3/66-10/66 1401 programming course, Electronic Computer Programming Institute, Philadelphia, PA
     4/65-11/66 Computer Operator, Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia, PA
     7/64-2/65 Chaplain's Assistant, U. S. Air Force, Amarillo, TX
     8/62-5/64 Monastic High School, Marianist Preparatory, Beacon, NY

Public Activities, Past Associations
     Presented my paper Security Depends On People to the EDP Auditors Association of Philadelphia. Member of Computer Security Institute, Forth Interest Group, Astrological Council of the Delaware Valley, and Philadelphia Area Computer Society. Chairman of the Board of Psychic Planner, Inc. Treasurer of the Tenants Association of the Benjamin Franklin House.

Responsibilities/Accomplishments at SEPTA
     Provide security administration and technical support for the computer services staff. Write RFP for job scheduling software, participate in the selection and install the package. Enhance the EMAIL system of NetMaster. Install and maintain ACCOLADE, IMAGINE and SCHEDULER CPMS and related software systems. Write and maintain documentation of programming standards and procedures for batch and CICS applications, Roscoe, database and technical support.
     Managed and executed the 3375 to 3380 DASD migration of production files with security implementation. Converted CICS to run in MVS/XA. Designed, programmed and implemented hypertext online help system to all online documentation. Implemented the RUCUS Fortran software. Wrote hundreds of Roscoe programs including structured Roscoe facility and production pickup system. Installed several system software packages. Wrote the SEPTA data security policy. Supervised and trained analysts in the maintenance of systems software including MVS, TSO, ISPF, CICS, ACCOLADE, IMAGINE, DCI, COBOL, FORTRAN, RPF, RACF, etc.
     Some Quotes From SEPTA Performance Appraisal: "... has again turned in an excellent performance. ... continued to demonstrate creativity and technical competence, and has devoted much effort to instill these ideals in those around him. ... automated many of the daily functions so ... reduced staff could continue to provide excellent user and programmer support. ... revised IBM resource access processing ... providing more complete protection at a lower manpower requirement ... . ... customization of IBM's CICS ... with only limited off-shift test time, yet the results were accurate and timely."

Responsibilities/Accomplishments at Thomas Jefferson University
     Implementation of computer security system. Maintenance of MVS, TSO, SPF, Librarian, Job accounting/scheduling, tape management, Omegamon, Job streaming, TextList, PROCs, and CLISTs. Technical support for the computer services staff. Facilities utilized: MVS on the IBM 3033 and 3083 computers with 3330, 3350 and 3380 disks, 3420 tapes, printers, card reader/punch, 3278 terminals using VTAM, and my personal computers by telephone.
     Installed and maintained: DOS, POWER, SAS, SPSS, Data Analyzer, COBOL, PLI, IMS and IMS utilities, TCAM and PCF. Performed maintenance on MVS/SP. Attended Computer Security Institute conferences. Advised in disaster recovery contingency planning and testing. Assisted installing VM, SVS and MVS. Participated in the DOS to OS conversion as consultant to the staff. Designed and implemented: Job streaming interface between The Librarian and the operating system with COBOL and PROCs; test-acceptance-production software environments separation with PROCs and security; structured job control with PROCs, sample JCL and documentation; SPF menus and on-line help for the interface between The Librarian and SPF; and TextList, a documentation tool, with gantt charts, activity log, and other sub-programs, using COBOL. Wrote documentation for the procedure manual (which was produced using TextList): Computing System Overviews; Computing System Considerations; JCL Statements and Parameters; Job Streaming; Librarian Services; Procedures For TSO Users; and TextList, A Documentation Tool. TSO CLISTs written include: ADDLOGON, add TSO userid and elements; CMPANYDS, compress any PDS; DRIVER, for testing TSO functions; INHIBIT, disable a TSO userid; OP, print held output with options; REVIVE, enable a TSO userid; SENDTO, send paragraph to TSO user; TSOSTAT, list TSO user statistics. Wrote and modified software using ANSI COBOL, IBM/370 assembly language code, IBM BASIC, and SUPERZAP. Used IBM utilities including IDCAMS, SMP and all standard utilities.

Distant Past Experience
     Participated in conversions of many types, including EAM and clerical to computer, language translations, DOS to OS, Honeywell 120 to Univac 9300, IBM 1401 to 360/20, IBM 360/20 to 360/30. Have used IBM 360/25, 370/135, 370/145, 370/148 and 3031 computers. Systems designed, programmed and implemented include (historical order, languages used are in parentheses): A/P & sales analysis for canned food producer (AUTOCODER); Tape IOCS for IBM 1401 and 360/20 (AUTOCODER & ALC); Secondary School scheduling and reporting (AUTOCODER & SPS); Statistical analysis and reporting (RPG); Piece-work payroll with profit sharing analysis (RPG); Voter registration file management with jury selection (COBOL & RPG); Generalized payroll with job costing (RPG); Micro-fiche source file generator (COBOL); Source statement maintenance, a program database manager (COBOL); Programming system activity log analyzer (COBOL); Virtual storage access method analyzer (PLI).

Microcomputer Experience
     Designed and programmed numerous personal computer applications, including: FontEdit, an HP Laserjet-compatible soft font editor; Booklet and TinyList, Laserjet printing utilities; RestorIt, selective restore of MS-DOS BACKUP files; PsyPlan, a personal time management system; ResoNama and BioCycle, entertainment programs for numerology and biorhythms.
     Developed a programming language and an operating system using FORTH and wrote several applications packages. Programmed using FORTH, BASIC and M6800 assembler. Interfaced computers to several timesharing systems, including IBM-TSO, MicroNET (now CompuServe), Dow Jones and GEISCO (now GEnie). Implemented FORTH, Pascal, LISP, BASIC and several disk operating systems. Configured and built some of my M6800 computer system hardware components.
     Used a Tandy 1000EX PC running MS-DOS 3.2 with 20 meg. hard disk, Tandy LP1000 Laser Printer and other components. Maintain several home computer systems, including Tandy 2000, Model 100, and PC-2 computers and my home-built computer based on the Motorola 6800 microprocessor.

Computer Work Experience Summaries:
     Hardware: EAM, IBM 1401, Honeywell 120, IBM 360/20, IBM 360/30, Univac 9300, IBM 370/145, IBM 3031, Motorola 6800, IBM PC, Tandy 2000, Tandy 1000 EX, Tandy Model 100, Tandy PC-2, and all manner of terminal devices.
     Software: DOS, OS, VM, SVS, MVS/SP, MVS/XA, ISAM, BDAM, VSAM, Data Analyzer, IMS, TCAM, PCF, Librarian, Roscoe, TSO, ISPF, CICS, Accolade, Imagine, DCI, RACF, Omegamon, TextList, Top Secret, SECURE, RUCUS, HASP, JES, OS utilities, VCI JobSched, Control-D, Control-M, Control-R, SMP and all systems programming utilities, Procomm, PC-Write, PFM, PsyPlan, PsyNapse, FontEdit, and many other PC programs.
     Languages: SPS, Autocoder, 1401 ALC, 360/20 ALC, 360,370 ALC, M6800 ALC, 8080, 8086 ALC, RPG, COBOL, PLI, Roscoe RPF, TSO CLIST, DOS JCL, OS JCL, BASIC, QuickBasic, Visual Basic, Forth, HP PCL, Pascal, JobStream, Fortran, Ratfor, LISP, NetMaster NCL, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, English.