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For Release: November 1995

Contact: Jim Savoia
Psychic Planner, Inc.
236 W. Ridley Ave.
Norwood, PA  19074-1510

PsyPlan(tm) Professional Publishing System -- (SRP $995)

PsyPlan(tm) is a system of programs for IBM PC compatible computers with HP LaserJet compatible printers for preparing astrological appointment planner books.

The PsyPlan Professional Publishing System provides practicing astrologers and novices alike the power to prepare and print custom personal calendar appointment books with astrological information based on an individual's time and place of birth.

PsyPlan Planners are produced in two 80-page formats: appointment book and calendar forecast. The appointment book covers one month with two pages per day while the calendar forecast covers twelve months with wall-calendar pages. Together they provide hour-by-hour detail and long-range planning. Both formats can be printed in four sizes: the booklet, pocket and wallet sizes, printed on both sides of paper for folding or cutting, and the one-side size, printed on one side of letter paper. PsyPlan Planners fit popular planning systems, like DayTimer®, DayRunner® and Filofax®.

PsyPlan contains everything needed to easily produce astrological planners for profit. The PsyPlan brochure makes sales easy. The PsyPlan User Guide details instructions on using PsyPlan Planners. PsyPlan preparation is simplified with world-wide city atlas and can be customized with cultural dates and pithy advice. The astrological interpretations database editor, with 68,000+ word spell-checker, handles your copyright notice, headings, moon void-of-course and phases, natal planets in sign and transits.

PsyPlan includes astrological interpretations by astrologers Tony Dickey and AdZe MiXXe. Tony Dickey, one of Psychic Planner's founders, is co-developer of the PsyPlan Planner concept. AdZe MiXXe, Astrologer Extraordinaire™, is a syndicated columnist, published author, teacher, and radio personality.

System requirements for the PsyPlan Professional Publishing System are: an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible computer with any display type, 640K RAM, MS-DOS 2.11 or later, HP LaserJet+ or compatible printer, and a 3-1/2" or 5-1/4" disk drive. Disk size 3.5" 1.44meg. DSHD is standard; other sizes are available on request.

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PsyPlan(tm) Professional Publishing System - version 2.09

PsyPlan(tm) Professional Publishing System is available from software distributors, e.g. MicroCycles, P.O. Box 3175, Culver City, CA 90231, 1-800-8-CYCLES (829-2537), and directly from Psychic Planner, Inc., 236 W. Ridley Ave., Norwood, PA 19074-1510.

Significant enhancements in this new version:

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Articles about PsyPlan(tm) that have appeared in magazines and newspapers.

PsyPlan is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc. Copyright 1995 Psychic Planner, Inc.

The PPI rune is a trademark of Psychic Planner, Inc.

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